First walk of the year.

As of last Sunday, it has been 23 days since I had my operation.

Still stiff, but the pain is mostly gone, expect when I take long steps. Coughing doesn’t hurt anymore, either. I have been doing so much better than I was 4 years ago. If you didn’t know, this is my second time having undergone this operation. This past sunday was Photowalk 15: Vieux-Montréal et Centre-Ville.

My friend, Daniel, decided to come pick me up, so we went together. This was my first decent walk since I had my operation; good thing the wind was cold so we had an excuse to go sit indoors and have a warm drink. I still have to be careful with lifting any weight over 9 lbs. I’m glad I decided to go with a ultra-light camera setup a few years ago.

It was nice to see fellow street photographers; it nice to hangout with people who have the same passion as I do. One thing I have noticed with the street photographers of Montreal is that they are not obsessed with gear. You can see that it’s about getting the picture and not just getting the gear.

Merci Dan!

Je me libère en marchant, ça me fait du bien, je fais des photos, des bonnes ou mauvaises, que souvent d’ailleurs je ne peux pas recommencer.  Raymon Depardon