A few hours in Toronto

Every year, me and the twin usually go on a small road trip. This year we decided to check out Toronto, since both of us had seen it from the 401 a few times but had never really stopped to experience it. The goal was the get a feel for the city and to see if we would be interested in coming back for a longer stay.


We end up spending about 24 hours in Toronto. You’ll see a glimpse of it in these pictures, but I have to admit that downtown Toronto feels a bit like midtown NYC. I know they are different cities in many ways, but they have a similar vibe.


Next day we hit the road again...


Toronto, it was fun - see you soon (very soon)!!


Walking the Colours

I went to a photo walk but the leader was not there in time; he was really late. Worse than me, wink!

While we were waiting I went inside the Place des Arts. Locals will recognize the location. This passage is part of the underground city in Montréal and I have to say, for a street photographer, the underground is really nice, especially when outside is colder than your freezer. In summer, it is an oasis away from the harsh sun with the pleasant breeze of AC.

At the end I waited for some cool colors and for some one to walk in front. There are some recesses of light in the ceiling, and you can wait for someone to walk beneath it. Since it was 10 am and they were in the process of removing the outdoor stage at the Place des Spectacles we had to wait a while.


A walk with André

On the first of April I went for a walk around town with another photographer in my neighborhood. We didn't have the best weather, but we had fun. 

All my pictures were taken with my Fujifilm X-T1 adn the XF 23mm F1.4 and the XF 35mm f2. 

Le premier Avril j'ai été faire de la photo avec André, un autre photographe de mon cartier. Nous avons pas eu la meilleur météo, mais nous avouns eu du plaisir.


Here is a picture that Andre took of me:
Voici une photo de moi que André a pris de moi: 
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