Photo Leni Uxlay

Photo Leni Uxlay


I strive to capture engaging photos that communicate the current state of affairs to a wide audience, and that tell a story and convey emotion. I am proud of my work and achievements.

I am a self-taught photographer who started this pursuit as a hobby. It all started when I got Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer at the age of 18. I had had a lot of time on my hands and my dad decided to get me a camera. It was a Pentax MZ-50 and I loved it. I started to learn photography by reading books, magazines and looking at other artists' work on the Internet. I was looking for what I liked in pictures and photographers that I admired. I would try and figure out how they took the picture, their technique, and the setup involved. In life there are many things that we do not see, but I keep my eyes open and try to see them.

I try to see what motivates the spirit of humankind. I try to capture happiness, sadness, love, hate, nature, texture, colors, life, death, respect and disrespect. There’s no trick, only different views and interpretations. I am an image hunter guided by instinct and emotion. I do not go through my daily life with blinders, but live open to seeing everything around me.

All subjects are interesting: a flower, an emotion, a sunset, a night scene, and life in general. I am a perfectionist, a romantic, emotional (I do not like to show it, but I am), stubborn, proud and sometimes a clown. Knowing this and exploiting these traits of mine pushes me to always try to capture the perfect shot.

I will try to show you what I see so that you may feel what I felt and understand what motivated me to press the shutter. In the end I hope that you will enjoy my art expressed through my pictures.