Summer is approaching

No more time for procrastinating!

She wants to see the pictures, and not just on my monitor… It’s been too long, even for me… It’s overdue.

Final notice.


This past summer, me and Princess FlowerCup went to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. We had a family errand and a family member to drop off in the atlantic provinces. Lots of road, and thank the universe that A&W had the Beyond Meat burger. Not the biggest fan of stale sandwiches… We stopped in (in chronological order): Fredericton, Doaktown, Halifax, Alma, Halifax, Saint-André-de-Restigouche, Rimouski and Québec City. We did around 3,000 km in 9 days. As expected, in the small towns, it was harder to find vegan food or restaurants with such options, but surprisingly, Québec City was also really disappointing. I know I know, it’s the oldest city on the continent and I guess, just like older people, it will take longer to change. But c’mon, even if your city was built out of stone, it doesn’t mean you have to eat like they did in the stone age.


I and we learned a few thing on this trip - a few thing about each other about road trips. Don’t drive too many days in a row, and plan a few places where you can spend a full day without too much driving around. It is a vacation, and if you’re the only one driving, well, it still has to be a vacation for you, too! Now, a few photography things: make sure you bring your cleaning kit on your road trip because when you’re in NB, there are not too many places where you can find what you will need. So, yeah, you will notice dust on some of my pictures - sorry. And yeah, it’s always practical to have a extra charger. I recommend one that you can use in a vehicle. It can be a sad thing when your batteries are dead and your forgot your charger on the dresser where you had been sleeping 2 nights ago.

We saw some wildlife, from deer to birds, but most importantly, must not forget… the red fireflies!

Thanks to all who hosted and opened their homes to us. We appreciate it.